Our Core Values

As Jesus’ courageous disciples, living God’s grace, we strive to:

* Worship faithfully

* Welcome openly

* Grow spiritually

* Care passionately

* Serve generously

We do this by intentionally nurturing 12 Discipleship Traits in ourselves and those around us.  They are:  Compassion, humility, forgiveness, grace, courage, hope, peace, faith, joy, stewardship, repentance and love.

Our Denomination

First Congregational is a member of the United Church of Christ, a denomination of more than 6,000 congregations. We believe that God is Still Speaking and that we are all in the process of our faith journey. We value questions more than creeds and answer to the Living Christ. In our worship, we seek to praise God, develop our spirituality, and become equipped for our work as Christian people.